On February 1, 2000, MR/BK, LLC purchased property within the Village of Arlington, WI in Columbia County from the Del Monte Corporation at 622 E. Main Street. The Village of Arlington, which is only 20 miles northwest of Madison, is located at the intersection of US 51 and STH 60 and is just 4 miles east of I-39, 90, 94. This purchase added another piece to the puzzle in bringing the first ever Industrial/Business Park to the Village of Arlington. Prior to the MR/BK, LLC purchase, the Village had set up a Tax Incremental Financing district that encompassed much of the property, as well as a 180-acre parcel of property owned by Thomas & Patricia Mair. At the time of the formation of the TIF district, the Village also annexed the 180-acre parcel owned by the Mair's into the Village. Soon after the TIF district had been formed and the 180-acre parcel had been annexed, the Village received development rights from the Mair's to develop the 180-acre parcel. Later in the year 2000, MR/BK purchased those rights from the Village of Arlington.

The first item that came across the agenda of MR/BK, LLC was to find tenants for the thousands of available square feet within the property and to find businesses that could use the existing 1,500 feet of railroad spur operated by Canadian Pacific. A start-up steel fabricating firm, Skyline Steel, became the first occupant in the "former Del Monte site". Skyline occupies building #4, located in Lot 3, a massive 43,200 square foot concrete structure located along a portion of the 1,500 feet of existing railroad spur. 

The next project that MR/BK, LLC partook was the demolition and cleaning up of the property. Several of the existing buildings were considered blighted and unusable. These buildings included a former sauerkraut processing building, corn processing structure, boiler house and several out-buildings. After we razed these buildings, we crushed the brick and concrete and used the crushed stone to raise and level off the sites. During the process of demolition, we also removed several water lines, utility poles and natural gas lines. These items were all restored to the buildings that continue to remain on the property.

Early in the fall of 2000, MR/BK, LLC began the first of two construction projects inside the park. Bio Cascade, a recently formed biotechnology firm, purchased the former 2,600 square foot cafeteria along with approximately an acre of property from MR/BK, LLC. Following the sale of the property, Bio Cascade contracted MR/BK, LLC to renovate the building. This project was completed January 31, 2001, with a few outdoor items to be completed in the spring. The other major project that MR/BK, LLC started in the fall of 2000 was the construction of a 200' x 200' pre-engineered steel structure. The building was completed in the beginning of February 2001, with an additional 40,000 SF addition completed in 2001.

With a solid infrastructure now in the park, and more on the way, we are able to market more property and services than we ever have in the past.  We remain focused on working with clients, no matter how large or small, by helping them establish a productive work environment in the Arlington Prairie Industrial Park.  We hope when you consider your next expansion, you will keep us in mind..


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